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Club Competitions

Club Championship

Four woods, first to 21 ends.

The games below need to be played on or before 13th July

D.Greaney v’s M.Davies

K.Davies v’s P.Watkins

T.Brown v’s D.Preston


Byes: P.Duggan, P.Bennett, S.Bushell, R.Bryant, L.Ransome.




Two woods, first to 15 shots.

The game below to be played on or before 20th July

D.Greaney v’s T.Brown


Byes: M.Davies, P.Watkins, P.Bennett, R.Bryant, L.Ransome, R.Preston, K.Davies



Club Pairs

3 bowl pairs

2 sets of 9 ends to decide the winner, with a 3 end shoot out if teams win 1 set each. Shots do not count in the tie break, you simply have to win the end.

One power play per match per team. This allows you to double your score on any particular end by nominating that you wish to use your power play before the jack is thrown. If you win the end then you double the amount of shots you pick up, e.g.:

1 shot = you actually score 2 points

4 shots = you actually score 8 shots

However, if you fail to score on that end you get 0 shots

The games below need to be played on or before 27th July

M.Santwris/K.Davies v’s D.Preston/T.Brown

G.Preece/D.Greaney v’s M.Davies/R.Bryant


Byes L.Ransome/P.Watkins, P.Bennett/S.Bushell



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